Monday, January 19, 2009

"putting the 'prod' in productivity"

Have I told you guys about Write or Die? It's this fantastic program designed to get writers moving by providing tangible consequences for not writing, as opposed to the intangible rewards we usually look forward to, which aren't really as good at providing motivation. You can access it here. Basically, you plug in a word goal or a time limit (I use the time limit). I've started using it on Kamikaze Mode, which means that once I start typing, if I stop for too long my words start disappearing at a rate of about one per second, starting from the last one written. You have no idea how effective this is in keeping my fingers moving on the keyboard. Just today I set Write or Die for an hour and wrote 1278 words before it was over.

And now I'm putting off editing that rough writing by posting this.


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