Monday, April 13, 2009

not about what is, but what is not

I started off my day in the usual way: by walking into semi-random stores and asking the people inside for a job. Today was a little different from the usual experience, though.

STORE EMPLOYEE: How may I help you?
RUTHANN: I was just wondering if you are hiring?
STORE EMPLOYEE: Yes! Would you like an application?
RUTHANN: ...I am so not used to hearing "yes" to that question.

That scenario was repeated a few times throughout the morning, which, needless to say, was very encouraging. My characters really like it when I can afford food and rent. When I get too distracted their lives stop moving forward, and that makes them unhappy. They're needy like that.

Unfortunately, they're not always very giving in return.

RUTHANN: *writes happily* This is going well!
CHARACTERS: *dig in heels* We are not happy.
RUTHANN: What? But it was going so well!
CHARACTERS: This is not what happens. We don't do that.
RUTHANN: You don't? Well, what do you do?
CHARACTERS: Figure it out!
RUTHANN: The moment you guys cut your puppet strings, I knew this could not end well.

They know better than me, obviously. But they have sharing issues. Clearly I did not raise them well enough.

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