Monday, April 20, 2009

not the one you've been waiting for

I've had a request for a post about my trip to the coast this weekend. Well, nice as that trip was, it can't really be described as eventful. I'm afraid there just isn't much to tell. I'll try for something, though.

The worst disadvantage of my vampiric heritage struck again on Saturday: my face has been mildly toasted. It's a really good thing the vampires are so far back in my ancestry, or things would be so much worse. Also, I apparently have very weak ankles. It seems that an extra long walk on wet sand in bare feet can stress my ankle to the point where I end up limping for the next two days. This just proves once again that I don't get nearly enough exercise.

Also, as the afternoon wore on, someone suggested in jest that I write a beach haiku... so I did. Keep in mind that I was very cold at the time.

Beach Haiku

Feet buried in cold sand,
I watch the bright waves roll in.
Let's go inside now.

Really, we had a wonderful time. It was very relaxing, and the Oregon coast is just beautiful. A few of us walked from the campsite to the beach after dark on Saturday night, and I couldn't believe how many stars I could see. I was really tempted to update Twitter from my phone with a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I decided not to, mostly because I've never actually seen or read it. I've just heard the line often enough to be familiar with it.

Anyway, that was the coast!


meagan said...

What was the quote?

Ruthann said...

"My God... it's full of stars!"