Saturday, May 30, 2009

come and sing that song for me

Wow. This blog has been experiencing some serious inactivity. Sometimes I don't know what to write about; other times I get busy; other times the only issues in my life are not ones suitable to post about publicly. But there must be something to talk about, right? If nothing else I can't let the entire month of May go by without a single post.

So, I've been working for about a month now, which is very good because I find that paychecks are a necessary part of life. I should get my second one very soon! *beams with pride*

I figured that working for the fudge shop would be very different from my last job, and it is. For one thing, there is more fudge involved, and less books and seminars. That makes the tiny similarities stand out oddly in my mind. One day early in the month I was answering the phone a few times and thinking how the only difference in my words was the company name. Immediately I began to fear that I would slip up next time and say the wrong name, just because I thought it. Thankfully this has not happened yet.

Those of you sitting within reach of wood, would you care to hit it for me a couple times? Thanks awfully. :)

Something else happened in my first week of work that made me think of my last job.

COWORKER: Let's have some music in here. Ruthann, do you want to put on your iPod?
RUTHANN: ...Wow. Serious deja vu. Sure thing, what would you like to listen to?
COWORKER: Oh, I don't know. Something nice. You decide.
RUTHANN: And again with the deja vu!

It seems that certain parts of my life will never change. Or at least they haven't yet.

Also, sometime in the next month I will finally be moving into a place of my own, with a roommate arriving in the beginning of July. :) :) I'll have to send everyone new address information once I'm actually there. I cannot wait for boxes of my lovely books to arrive in Portland! I have missed them so! I must prepare shelves for them. And while I'm at it, maybe I should find a bed, and some other furniture. I hear those are useful.

I'm going to have a home!


Emily said...

does that mean that my attempts at finding two wonderful friends a roommate worked?

If so I will be ridiculously pleased with myself.

We are having 60 students and their families over for a bbq today...I think we may have actually lost our minds. See you in June!

Ruthann said...

Be ridiculously pleased! It looks like it's going to work. :) The timing is perfect and everything; I'm really really happy about it. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see you!

Emily said...

hurray for that! The security word to post this is apper...I think it's a sign from God. I don't really know what of. You should check out some of the quotes I put up on my blog...even Henderson 62 could have some competition here :)