Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it is alive

Hi everyone. My life is crazy. Today's triumphs consist of the acquisition of internet and the assembly of a kitchen table. Slowly, I am building a home. :)

Anyway, now that I have internet maybe I'll find some time to post more frequently and relevantly. I'm still going to be incredibly busy for awhile, but I no longer have to schedule a few hours out of my day to make it worth taking my laptop someplace where I can find wifi.

All this moving related stuff has really been quite stressful, to tell you the truth. I think (or hope) that I am nearing the end of the major tasks, and then my new roommate and I will be able to really settle into our new home. (I'm sitting in the kitchen right now, and it's a disaster area with stuff half-unpacked. But there's a table in it now!)

So, I exist, I have internet, and I even sort of have a home. What I don't have is any clue what you guys would like to read about on here.


Leah said...

Have you figured out your mailbox yet? I would if I were you ;)

Ruthann said...

Been playing phone tag with the post office all week about it. It's supposed to be taken care of tomorrow. Then again, it was also supposed to be taken care of today. And yesterday. But I'm pretty hopeful about tomorrow. :)