Saturday, November 14, 2009

coffee and soup

I have never had such dry hands before in my life.

Don't get me wrong; it could be a lot worse. This is nowhere near as bad as either of the times eczema flared up on my hands. That was painful; this is just kinda weird. Before starting this job, I have never never had dry skin on my fingertips before. Unless calluses from playing guitar count. But that still feels different.

Excuse me while I go get lots and lots of lotion.

There, that's a start. I'll probably feel the need to apply more in about two minutes, but for now my hands feel much better. In other news, I love my job. :) It's going quite well, and I am slowly gaining a sense of stability that has been lacking in my life for about the past year.

My mother will be arriving in just a few hours, and instead of cleaning when I got home, I started cooking soup and making a bigger mess. And now that the soup is happily simmering, I am updating my blog instead of cleaning. Not that things are terribly messy around here, but a girl does like to be able to show her mother a neat home when she's living alone for the first time in her life.

Oh yeah, I'm also still looking for a new roommate. I'm growing unfortunately fond of having this place to myself, and I need to put a stop to that because I can't afford to keep it all to myself.

Well, I should probably straighten up at least a little bit before picking my mother up from the airport. A very happy mid-November to you all. :)

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