Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gelato Diaries

Dear Readers - I have acquired an ice cream maker, courtesy of my patroness, one Rachel Baum.

This is a quality, though small-scale, machine. My favorite feature so far is the built-in compressor freezer, which means that I don't have to pre-freeze a bowl before getting started. This in turn means I have much less hassle to bother with when I want to make ice cream. Also, there's more room in the freezer for the actual ice cream. A definite advantage.

I just got distracted for quite awhile on Amazon looking up more ice cream recipe books. Ahem.

Right now I'm getting tired and I want to go home, but later I'll tell you all about my first three batches: raspberry ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and raspberry-thyme sorbet. Thanks go to Rachel, without whom I would have no equipment for these projects; the cash fairy who visited my purse last week, without whom I would have stressed over buying the ingredients for these first attempts; and my manager, who donated some herbs and then fell into raptures after tasting the results, telling me I'd found my calling. :) Thanks everyone!