Monday, October 20, 2008

once things look up

I'm in a better mood today than I've been all week - possibly because I made measurable progress in writing over the weekend. In fact, right now I'm just letting chapter one cool off a bit before I go back and check that it all makes sense. Then I can finally send it to the people who are supposed to be my alpha readers. I'm almost there, alpha readers! Thank you for being so patient!

Anyway, writing does a lot to give me a boost, even though I still kind of feel cut off from everybody. The strangest part about this blog is that it feels more like talking to myself than to other people, which doesn't help much. It also doesn't help that my phone has been giving me some trouble. I think I figured out today how to give the signal a boost, so it shouldn't drop calls while I'm working in the basement anymore. That theory hasn't been tested yet, though. I'll give you an update when I successfully have a conversation on my phone in the basement.

I had a good visit with Becca this weekend, which is the other reason I feel better today. Spending time with my sister is always a good thing, and I'm excited that I get to do it a lot more often now. :) We have plans to go dancing in a couple weeks - on Halloween, actually. We've been talking about going dancing for a couple years now, I think, and this is the first time we'll actually have a chance to do it. Very fun times. :) :)

Well, that's about all I have time and energy for right now. I hope all is well back there in the east, and I really hope I'll get a chance to talk with some of you soon.


meagan said...

Glad to hear things are looking up.

Your phone number is still the same, right? Or did you get a new one?

Ruthann said...

Same number. And as of today, my phone is still dropping calls while I'm in this house.

Very frustrating.

Amanda said...

Hey, I'm going out dancing on Halloween too! Dressed up as Nancy Spungen. ;) And Sean, of course, will be Sid Vicious...

I hope you guys have fun! Wish I could go with you!